HARDING STEEL INC. to provide new N. Williams Avenue Mixed-Use Development with Space-Saving ‘Puzzle Parking’ System

Harding Steel Inc., a company that has been manufacturing, installing and servicing world class parking lift systems since 1968, recently signed a contract with Ruben J. Menashe Inc. to install its proprietary CarMatrix system in a new mixed-use building in North Portland. Ruben J. Menashe, Inc., the General Contractor for the 72-unit project now known as The Albert, broke ground this week.

“The Albert project is transit-oriented, and installing a ‘tuck-under’ system to provide off-street parking for residents will help to prevent crowding neighborhood streets with cars,” said Jack Menashe, President of Ruben J. Menashe, Inc. “This type of system makes very efficient use of available space and saves roughly five thousand dollars per space when compared to traditional costs to dig an underground parking structure.”