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April 25, 2017 - The Mason Williams Awarded LEED® Gold Certification

Rujax III, LLC announced today that The Mason Williams has been awarded LEED® green building certification at the Gold Level. The Mason Williams is a 76-unit mixed-use building at the corner of North Williams Avenue and Mason Street in Portland. Rujax III partnered with LRS Architects to design and Ruben J. Menashe, Inc. as general contractor, to build the progressive close-in urban development, and construction began in the spring of 2013.

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February 6, 2013 - North Williams project tries to find middle ground

By Lee Fehrenbacher
The Daily Journal of Commerce - Portland, Oregon

Growing up is hard to do, especially when it comes to neighborhoods and development.

Ruben J. Menashe Inc. wants to break ground in June on a 76-unit, 78,000-square-foot multifamily apartment on North Williams Avenue. The developer is striving for a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design gold rating, and plans to include 108 bike parking spaces as well as an automated car-stacking system able to accommodate 62 vehicles.

But even though the company and neighborhood residents have spent the past year trying to compromise on aspects of the project, some people remain concerned that the building won't fit in with the single-family profile of the area. ...Jack Menashe, president of Ruben J. Menashe, said his company has revised and downgraded it's plans more than once based on neighborhood comments. ...Menashe says his company took the building back down to four stories with 76 units, and then tried to stair-step the building at the corners that were closest to the street.

...The Mason-Williams will fulfill the city's employment goal with approximately 6,900-square-feet of retail and commercial space on the ground floor. Jack Menashe, the building's automated car-stacking feature is one of the highlights of the project. "It's extremely efficient without having to dig a big hole," he said. "It requires less construction, it's more environmentally friendly (and) it's an excellent solution to the parking can leave your car there if you ride your bike to work or use transit. Lots of people still have cars, but they may not use them everyday."

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January 31, 2013 - The Albert Receives LEED Gold Designation

The developers of The Albert, a bike, transit and environmentally-friendly mixed-use building located on North Williams at Northeast Beech announced today that the project has earned LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). In a city nationally recognized as a leader in green building design and development, The Albert is a cutting edge project that is situated in a key bike and pedestrian-friendly corridor that has shopping, dining and easy access to downtown Portland.

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March 17, 2011 - HARDING STEEL INC. to provide new N. Williams Avenue Mixed-Use Development with Space-Saving 'Puzzle Parking' System

Harding Steel Inc., a company that has been manufacturing, installing and servicing world class parking lift systems since 1968, recently signed a contract with Ruben J. Menashe Inc. to install its proprietary CarMatrix system in a new mixed-use building in North Portland. Ruben J. Menashe, Inc., the General Contractor for the 72-unit project now known as The Albert, broke ground this week.

"The Albert project is transit-oriented, and installing a 'tuck-under' system to provide off-street parking for residents will help to prevent crowding neighborhood streets with cars," said Jack Menashe, President of Ruben J. Menashe, Inc. "This type of system makes very efficient use of available space and saves roughly five thousand dollars per space when compared to traditional costs to dig an underground parking structure."

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